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Villa Levante is immersed in an olive grove with centenary trees, allowing the guest to live in close contact with nature, in peace and relaxation. The guests are accommodated both inside five apartments, ready to use, and inside three rooms, each have been restored to their original structure.

The apartments are into the wing South of the castle; there are:

- three Trivani , each for four people, with a living room with kitchenette, two bedrooms and two bathrooms with shower. They are all on the first floor and two of them are developed within the two towers of the South, between the first and second floor;

- two Bivani , each for two people, with a bedroom, bathroom with shower and a living room with kitchenette. One of these is the most distinctive, with the bedroom with walls all stone-to-face view and it’s the only one to be on the ground floor.

The rooms are inside the manor, each for two people:

  • inside the central tower, at the second floor, there is the Meridian room;

  • inside the north-west tower there are the Count’s room – at the first floor – and the Baron’s room- at the second floor. Access to these rooms is through the read hall and Murano hall, where the Guests can socialize.


At Villa Levante not be catering service, but you can take advantage of exclusive agreements with two restaurants (Palazzaccio e Antico Baglio) in Castelbuono, within walking distance in a few minutes, since the farm is just around the corner of the country. It was decided not to carry out a swimming pool, since only a few kilometres one reaches the Tyrrhenian coast;


At Villa Levante there isn’t a swimming pool, because a few kilometers 14 km to go in about 15 minutes - there is the Tyrrhenian coast; so I decided to promote the holiday sea-mounts; with this holiday the Guests can go on the sailing yacht Marivela for mini-cruises.


 Guests have at their disposal, in addition to park outside - the olive grove - a pergola with tables and a barbecue, where they can organize themselves for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or to relax into an area equipped with hammocks and deckchair. They can also visit, in addition to old mill, with all presses in oak, even some salons in the area employers, including the room of mirrors, ant the armoury.
There is also an hall -the scirocco room - where the guests can read or socialize.


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